Tuesday, February 9, 2016

        Three things I love that I could never give up is family, sleeping, and my dog. I couldn't give up my family because they're my family, I can't give them up nor would I want to. My dog, although he bugs me to the point that I kick him out of my room, I can't say I'd ever give him up, he's annoying sometimes but I love him. As for sleeping, that's more of a hobby instead of I need it to survive nowadays for me. Yes I need it to survive but I think I sleep more than I eat. Something that I could probably give up would be my TV. I like to play video games, a lot I might add, but if someone needed a TV that didn't have one I would more than likely give it up.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Being a senior is slightly harder than I thought. You have a weight on your shoulder that you didn't have before. You know this is your last year, your biggest challenge in school.

My goals for this year is to pass and get done with the school year. Another goal of mine is to hopefully pass the senior project with at least a ninety.

I'm excited about getting to educate people about japanese mythology and folklore, along with it's history and how it has been implemented in our everyday lives.

"It's never goodbye,  it's just 'till next time." -Brent Smith
This to me about being a senior, means that even if I leave this school waving goodbye to people I know. I know it isn't permanent, that I'll see them again soon.